The event features the World’s fastest PWC Drag Racers, that come from all over the USA and beyond!  This event has produced World Speed Records in every Class, including Jose Luis with 142mph beating his 135mph personal best in the Unlimited Class.  The Stock and Spec Classes are featured on Saturday, and the Superstock and Unlimited Classes are featured on Sunday.  There will be food available on site, and other industry vendors.  VIP Parking will e available on site for $20 for the weekend or there is plenty of free parking around the city ad I the City Parking deck.  There is a admission charge of $10 per day to enter the PIT area and access the racers.

This is a fun event, filled with excitement and the adrenalin filled atmosphere provides Lake County with some exciting racing, that also serves as an economic impact, with most of the competitors and their families, sponsors, and support crews coming from out of the area.  The event continues to become more popular, especially with the addition the live stream at racerh2o.com and the YouTube Channel as well.


General Info

The FASTEST ski on the water is held by JOSE LUIS HERNANDEZ besting his own record of 135mph with a mind blowing 142mph!

Will someone beat him this year?  You better be there to find out!

Well, that’s too bad.  But our media partner H2O will be streaming the even LIVE on their website, so you can catch all the action from anywhere in the world!

We love seeing young riders get interested in the event but the earliest you can compete with hte big boys is 16 years old.

All competitors much have a valid ISJBA membership at the time of the event. You can pick yours up and learn more by visiting our Registration page.

Yes you sure can, but pay attention here…you can only have one PWC registered per rider per class.  No exceptions.

However, for the SPEED ALLEY class, you can register as many PWC’s for one rider.

If this doesn’t make any sense and have questions, make sure to contact the event coordinator Billy Tew by visiting the contact page on this site and reaching out!

Well, it kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?  So yes, the Tech Inspector will make their rounds and check out each registered ski in the respected classes to make sure they meet the requirements outlined on our Rules & Regulations page

It is also worthy to mention that all 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in every class will have a follow-up inspection to make sure no one is cheating.

Travelling To HYDRODRAGS 2024?

We hope to see you all there to enjoy these events in person.  There’s nothing like it! We are in a brand new location this year and here are some things you need to know.

The Ramp

Coming Soon.


There will be bleacher seating but mostly eveyone gets their nice spot and sets up their own chairs.

Food & Drink

We encourage you to bring your own but make sure theres no glass bottles and clean up after yourself. Don't be a slob.


Visit the official booking page HERE



It’s FREE for everyone!

Just $25 bucks for the day, or $30 for the weekend.  You can pickup your tickets ahead of time right here on the site, head on over to our shop and grab yours today!

Make sure you keep your wristbands on all weekend if you wish to attend both days!

Yep!  Skis go fast so keep your head on a swivel and as always, we ask that you don’t bring those glass bottles. It’s illegal and we would hate to see you get a ticket or carried off in cuffs!


Rules & Safety

No Drones Will be permitted on Race Sites. { Only Authorized Event Staff }

Motorcycle/Dirt bike Helmet either. Full face or can Have Goggles. Life Vest, Gloves,  Closed Toe Shoes/Water Shoes. Anytime on the water all safety measures will be in full effect and Subject to $50 Fine or Disqualified

That’s right!  We respect our waters and location of this years event and 100% require you to pick up after yourself. We’re all adults here!