AJSA Gets A Logo Facelift!

In 2023, the AJSA (American Jet Sport Association) is set to make a splash with its captivating new logo, perfectly embodying the spirit of the upcoming US National Hydro Drags event. This fresh emblem radiates the excitement and thrill of PWC and Jetskiing, setting the stage for an unforgettable competition. With its dynamic design and vibrant colors, the logo reflects the heart-pounding action that will unfold at the event. It’s not just a symbol; it’s a symbol of AJSA’s unwavering commitment to elevating the sport and delivering an incredible experience for all enthusiasts. Join AJSA as they dive into the excitement of the 2023 US National Hydro Drags with this fantastic new logo leading the way!


The American Jet Sport Association (AJSA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to the promotion of PWC (Personal Watercraft) racing in the Southeastern United States. Committed to fostering a racing community that welcomes riders of all experience levels, the AJSA offers a welcoming home for both seasoned racers and those eager to learn the art of competitive racing. What sets the AJSA apart is its independent status, not affiliated with any external sanctioning body. This independence allows the AJSA to prioritize the needs and desires of its riders and the race venues, resulting in an inclusive and rider-centric approach to the sport. Ultimately, the AJSA embodies the spirit of racing for racers, by racers, with an unwavering emphasis on camaraderie, family, and the sheer enjoyment of the sport. For more information, you can visit their website at https://ajsaracing.com/.